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Why us?

Semikart.com has embarked on a mission to provide world-class solutions in resolving knotty and complex design, supply chain and logistics problems. We take pleasure in hand-holding customers to realize their priorities by supporting them on activities which vastly improves their efficiency, flexibility, scalability and reliability. Our focus is to keep customers free from challenges they face throughout the product life cycle.

Who we are?

Semikart.com is a unique channel typically meant for business to business providing solutions and services towards consumer and industrial users of electronic components. At semikart.com customers can expect expansive service offerings that cater end-to-end design and development solutions beginning with “Idea to Marketable” final product.

What do we do?

Through multiple offerings in the form of an electronics eco-system; customers are supported throughout their “Journey of innovation” with substantial tools, expert advice, consultation and resources- essential to confront and master challenges of design and manufacturing that makes product development; easier, faster and cheaper.

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