iTAS Innovations believes in the ideas that enrich the quality of living by adopting minimalistic solutions philosophy, offering technological solutions, relevant to the present and at the same time to be future-proof. With ever-increasing demand for "more with less" mantra, with limited natural and man-made resources, paradigm shift to minimalism is the need of the hour. iTAS innovations specializes in the field of embedded product design and services, that is geared-up to offer innovative, cost effective product solutions and services. With the average industry experience of 15+ years in the field of embedded systems, iTAS Innovations is currently focusing to serve in the areas of Consumer Lifestyle, Health & Wellbeing and Sustainable living.

Services we offer

Design Services

With over 60 years of collective embedded systems industry experience across the globe, iTAS offers design services end-to-end in various domains, including consumer electronics, telecom, and industrial automation, but not limited to, in a highly professional, qualitative and competitive manner.

Indian Railway Navigator (IRN)

  • To address safety at Unmanned Level Crossings(UMLC's)
  • Uses space technologies to communicate between different ground terminals
  • Overall Network deployment consists of:
    • Multiple Locomotives
      • Houses IRN and RMT-L
      • Communicates with satellite providing service in S Band
    • UMLC's
      • Houses RMT-W
      • Communicates with satellite providing service in S Band
    • MSS satellite
      • Provides Mobile Satellite Services
    • HUB station
      • Baseband Mod / Demod connects to server running Network Management SW(RNC)through Ethernet
      • Communicates with Satellites in C band
      • Does necessary conversion from C band to S band

Satellite Phone

  • SatSleeve is a terminal meant for providing two way voice communication, messaging and data services using a hand-held terminal
  • Satsleeve connects to standard Smart Phone through USB/Bluetooth.
  • Satsleeve App: A specially developed Android App runs on Smart Phone that connects to and controls the Satsleeve.
  • Voice Capture and Playback happens on the Smart Phone. The input capture data and playback data is transferred through USB/BT based on configuration selected.
  • Encoding and Decoding of Voice data happens on Satsleeve. The encoded data is then sent over RF S-band to Satellite. Satellite in-turn talks to HUB which helps in establishments and control of Call/Data transfers etc.

SHARP Digital TV, Europe, Barcelona

    Platform: ST chipset based
  • Board support package
    • Include OS, drivers, control and secure components
    • Maintenance of driver compatibility Layer
  • System integration of
    • Board support package
    • Driver compatibility layer
    • Middleware (Proprietary and Open source) and UI
    • Factory and dealer software
    • Application
  • Testing
  • Production software releases

Saankhya Labs, Bangalore, INDIA

  • Development of embedded drivers, control software and applications for satellite communication based applications
  • Development of Indian Railway Navigator(IRN) and Hub Software for managing Un -manned Level Crossing
  • Development of Satellite Phone and interface to Smart Phone as front end
    • Voice Encoding/Decoding, Transfer over BT/USB
    • Android Application
  • Development of Linux V4L2 complaint device driver for tuner + Universal demod USB dongle
    • Development of V4L2 complaint device driver
    • Testing of drivers with multiple open source frameworks

Orca Systems Inc, USA/Bangalore

  • Enable Digital TV reception on Tablet
    • Interfacing Customer TV frontend to Google Nexus 9 ( 64bit ) tablet
    • Development of native libraries using android NDK
    • HD Audio Video Playback, Synchronization
    • Android Application development on Nexus Platform
      • Full application development including User Experience development
    • User Interface adaptations to TV Platform

BYDESIGN India (leading STB manufacturer and CAS provider)

  • Design, Development and testing of STB SW for INDIA
    • Driver bring up and enhancement on customer's set top box platforms (ST, Broadcom, Morning Star, Ali )
    • Integration of middleware
    • Application development and testing

iTAS BLE module

BlueWear is a production ready 14.5mm x 13mm x 2.5mm form factor device module for wearable and connected device applications. It features STMicroelectronics BlueNRG-1, a very low power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) single-mode network processer, and Cortex M0, application processor, built on SoC (System-On-Chip).BlueWear integrates a set of high value sensors on board, besides providing ample IO pins and interfaces out of board for allowing user to connect additional sensors and devices.

Key Features

  • Production ready miniature form factor device module
  • Best-in-Class RF range of 50m to 100m
  • +8dBm transmit power
  • Ultra-low power, down to 1μA current consumption with active BLE stack (sleep mode) and 12KB RAM retention
  • Single chip solution with built-in RF and application processors with 160KB Flash and 24KB RAM
  • BluetoothⓇ qualified BLE stack
  • Up to 15 Digital I/O Pins, 2 channel ADC, 10-bit
  • Supports UART, I2C & SPI, SWD (program & Debug)
  • STMicroelectronics LIS2DH12 ultra low-power high performance 3-axes "Nano" accelerometer


  • Connected Home, Building Automation
  • Sports, Fitness and Health Sensors
  • Mobile and Consumer Electronics device Accessories

Smart Plug Overview


  • Direct remote control (BLE) of devices and appliances from Smartphone
  • Control devices and appliance over internet with iTAS internet gateway
    • EMR relay (230VAC, upto 15A)
  • Schedule mutilple timers and calendars to turn on/off devices/appliances
  • Energy consumption measurement of the devices and appliances based on ST Microelectronics STPM32
    • 0.2% acurancy single-phase meter
    • Line Voltage measurement with resistor divider network
    • Line current measurement wiht Rogowski coil/current transformer/ shunt current sensor
    • Four independent 24-bit 2nd order sigma-delta ADCs
    • Vnom(RMS)= 140 to 300 V, Inom/Imax(RMS)=5/100A, fin=50/60 Hz ± 10%
    • Over/under voltage detection and monitoring
    • Energy data over BLE/ Internet to personal devices (desktop/smartphones/Tablets)

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